Payment Options

Because we are so passionate about maintaining the health and wellness of our patients, we are willing to work with different payment/insurance options. Don’t let your finances keep you living in a life of pain; we can find affordable ways to treat you so that you can start living the life you want.


We work with all insurance companies. Coverage depends greatly based on your individual insurance plan. For this reason, we will find out exactly what your benefits will cover as far as care goes so that during your ROF we will be able to let you know what will be covered and what will not. If you have insurance, be sure to bring your insurance card with you on your first visit so that we will know your full benefits during your ROF.

***We are not in network with American Specialty Health (ASH or ASHP).  We do have amazing “Alternative Methods” for payment if your insurance provider has decided to save money by distributing your chiropractic coverage to a 3rd party.

Alternate Methods

For those of you who do not have insurance, or have high deductibles on your insurance, we do offer affordable cash plans so that all people can experience the benefits of chiropractic coverage.