New Patient Consultation

A New Patient Consultation consists of 2 separate visits.

First Visit

Upon entering our office for the first time, you will be greeted by our warm and friendly staff. You can expect to have a full examination with unsurpassed technology so that we can dive into what you have going on and get you started on a customized treatment plan. We will take any necessary x-rays based on what we find during your exam to help us further understand your condition. We will also use specific assessments that will identify any areas in your body that may be experiencing imbalances so that we can identify any other areas that may need treatment.

Second Visit

Is also a part of your new patient consultation; this portion will be your Report of Findings (ROF). Here, we will synthesize the information that we collected during your first visit. The main purpose of this second appointment is to fully address what you have going on, specifically identify what we can do to help you, discuss your other options, and design a treatment plan that has been tailored to your unique needs. This will be time set aside so that you will have the Dr. Sean’s full, undivided attention. In this setting, you are able to ask any and all questions that you may have. We ask that you bring your spouse/partner to this appointment so that you are both informed on how your customized treatment plan and overall chiropractic care will yield unparalleled results in your journey towards overall wellness.

Combination Visit

In some cases we can do your First and Second Visit on the same day back to back.  If this is something that would benefit you, please inform our office staff when scheduling.